Thursday, 31 January 2013

Update - Africa

It's fantastic. It's both similar and different to how I thought it would be. I'm loving the trip and on the realisation last week I had less than a month to go made me sad. Not sad to see everyone in Melbourne, but sad the wandering is coming to an end for now.

Wifi here is hard to come by and slow when found. Updating things online has fallen down my priority list, hence the radio silence. One day, I'll fill in the blanks. Instagram has some pics on it but even that is sparse. Man, I'm in Africa and I'm so busy soaking it all in, hour along, being etc. it's both what I want and what I need.

That said, the headlines would mostly be animal orientated. Seeing the big 5, seeing the small 5, seeing a black mamba (not a euphemism in this instance), close encounters with giraffe, elephant & zebra, seeing a leopard kill. That was amazing but saddening as well.

Oh, and seeing friends' canoe getting flipped & broken by a hippo on the Zambesi. That was quite something.

Landscapes as well are amazing. I'm in awe daily. Dry red dunes of the Namib desert, verdant valleys & mountains of Zambia, the power of Vic Falls in wet season, wine lands of South Africa, the kalahari, the Okavango Delta.

I'm loving it all. I want to share it all with you and I will, but for now, I'm on the road 100%