Friday, 29 October 2010

So I was thinking

And those thoughts weren't really coherent or linked.  Unless I used bullet points, which is  great way of linking everything, right?  Even the previously unlinkable? 

Said (bulletless) bullet points:

In truth, I did take 900 (exactly, not rounded) photos in Russia. 78 of these were of chandeleirs. I kid you not. I know I like them, I guess I just didn't realise how much! And some of these chandeliers - well, they're almost out of this world! The Hermitage and Catherine's Palace in St Petersburg were home to many of them. These places are blinged out like no ones business! And the Moscow Subway?  Ring a ding ding my friends.  I really must sort some pics to share with you from the trip.  Aside from these token chandeleir pics. 

IMG_2522. IMG_3151
(Moscow Subway, Church at Peter and Paul's Fortress in St Petersburg - one of the 9 chandeliers in there).

Also a truth - I didn't drink 900 wodkas. I had a few though, a few of a few different types, if that even makes sense? They drink it cold and like a shot. Yet they serve it in doubles, often in crystal wear. There were plenty that I tasted that didn't make me want to dry reach and didn't smell/taste like dettol/hairspray. I'd say I've come a long way in my wodka appreciation. I'd also say I probably didn't need to improve.


I've been looking at holiday options for next year as BA are having a flight sale.  Currently I want to go to Australia, Tanzania, India, Morocco, Cuba, skiiing and a beach holiday. Clearly (very very clearly, considering the cost of these things) these won't all be happening next year. But when I do decide where I'm off to, I think I'll go for longer than a week. Otherwise, people don't really "cover" your role and you just get slammed with work on your return. I kind of knew this, but it has been really reinforced this past week!

I'd like to think I'd upload/sort some pics and maybe write a recap this weekend. But really, I'm not sure. You see, I'm off on hols again this arvo (early leave pass means leaving the office at 2.30pm) and home late Monday night. I've packed my laptop but I don't hold out great hopes for using it. I do hold out great hopes for hot chocolates, soups, cream teas and autumn leaves. I'm off to Dartmoor (Devon) with housemates for a lazy weekend at a cottage. I'm expecting stunning Autumn colours on display.  If I get up off the couch and away from the fireplace to go see them.  you think it sounds like bliss, we're on the same page!

My Google reader?  Maxed out at 1000+  - I'm going to make some progress at some point, surely?  Along with sorting pics, I want to read some blogs this weekend.  I've got a three hour first class train journey on Monday night so that might be a good opportunity. 

My costume for halloween you ask? Well, that would be tracky daks and sneakers. Yup, no costume this year, to busy being a bum. I do like fancy dress though - I really do. Maybe I have to live vicariously through you - tell me - what are you wearing and what are your treats? (or tricks)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Ten on a Tuesday - today's edition

Slowly loosing count so I'm not sure I'll keep numbering. Or maybe I will. Regardless, this Tuesday sees me back on the 10oaT horse. Figuratively of course. Not literally.   Thanks Chelsea (and all her readers who addd questions in last week's comments section of her blog where this set has come from).

1. What is your favorite decor item in your house?
Picture frames or my bedside lamp. It’s only a cheapy but I love it.

2. What is your favorite hair product?
Redken Glass Look 01 (not that cheap but lasts for ages)

3. Are you a good dancer?
No. Not at all. I’m way to self conscious about it too.

4. You get some good news, who’s the first person you call?
I’m not a big caller and I don’t have that someone special so I’m not really sure. Depending on the time, I might call the parents? (currently a 10 hour time difference)

5. Would you rather take pictures, or be in pictures?
Take. Every day of the year. Again, a bit self conscious and I unless I’m wearing sunglasses, I always end up with drunk eyes.

6. What is your shoe style?
Casual. I have way more pairs of casual shoes than smart shoes. Tends to be grey trainers or thongs in the warmer months. Flats a plenty, for work too (some ballet, some peep toe, some pointy, many colours and finishes).

7. How often do you eat out?
Not a huge amount at the moment. I seem to work late each night. My social life has suffered. Then on weekends, when I’ve got more time, I’ve really been enjoying cooking.

8. If someone has food in their teeth, do you tell them?
Mostly I would, but it is a bit situation dependent.

9. Do you fold your underwear?
Socks and knickers – yup.

10. Milk, dark, or white chocolate
All of the above. White in cooking but not so much to eat. Dark and milk, any which way they come.


(Yes, I just randomly have a pic of my bedside lamp on Flickr).


It was wonderful.  It was amazing.  It was different.  It was fun.  It was everything I’d hoped for

I really loved my time in Russia.  Really loved it.  Only took 900 photos and had about 900 vodkas.  I joke. I jest.  On one of those points*. You work out which one.

I’m going to be sharing more on this for sure, for sure.  Just as soon as I sort some pics.  It’s such a fascinating place with such a large and varied history.  I’m now reading this (which I think will be the first in many I read on the history of this incredible place).

And in semi unrelated, I’m listening to this – what a beautiful beautiful song.  The lyrics are a home run.  Or would be, if I cared about baseball.  The tune is a touchdown.  Or would be, if I cared about American Football.  Anyway, it’s great – do listen if you can. (I've tried to embed it in my post but can't so you'll have to hope on over)

* Can you imagine what pics I might have taken if I had drunk 900 vodkas?

Thursday, 14 October 2010

I've been...

MIA is for Amir
{pics from Mag3737, Leo Reynolds and urbanmkr via Flickr}

You may or may not have noticed.  No exciting reason, the same old stuff - getting swamped at work basically.  That's the story until now.

Next?  I'm going MIA as I head off on one of the last holidays this year for me  - Russia.  I've got some time in Moscow, Pskov and then St Petersburg.  I'll be back the otherside to share it all with you.

In the meantime - stay great (and keep posting - I want to see just how high the count on my Google reader can get!)

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Do I need these shoes?

I had a super quiet three day weekend.  The highlight?  The quietness.  Other highpoints?  I found some awesome trainers.  Do I need these shoes?

How perfect would they be with jeans etc as I tear up London (and other European cities) on weekends?  Grey goes with just about everything in my wardrobe and I love the hints of colour they have.  So do I need them?

Or these ones, the other ones I thought I fell in love with?

It was more of a one night stand though.  Whilst I do like these too,  just looking at the pics again, I think I like the grey ones more.  So, do I need the grey ones?

Keeping in mind my current shoe collection includes these…

and these
and sort of these (mine are a slightly darker grey with a pale blue sole but I can’t find a pic online)
And don’t forget these (in a charcoal suede, floral free)
And if it is raining or I’m going off track, I’ll be wearing these:
So maybe I don’t need to ask if I need the grey Golas.  Maybe I just need to stand up and say “My name is Sue and I’m a grey trainer addict”*

*Grey trainer addict I maybe but not all of them are grey.  Sometimes I wear my adult sized ones of these:

Any patterns in your footwear collection you have noticed before??

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Pieces of Me - October

October schmoctober!!  Hello Autumn, you may Fall at my feet.  Wowsers this year is flying.  It feels like only the other day I wrote the September one of these.  Not a lot has changed to b honest.

This month....

I like:  soup.  Warm hearty soup.  For lunch or for dinner.  Home made or from the work restaurant.  I think I've had more soup in the last month than I had all year up until September.  

I don't like:  Drizzle.  Rain or don't rain.  Don't half way in between it!  You know that light misty that's not worth a brolly?  It annoys me.  I'd much rather it really chuck it down for ten minutes or so, get it out of it's system and we can all move on with the sunshine, right?

I want you to know: Life is sweet but uneventful right now.  I've settled back into a lovely little lilting London routine and I'm enjoying it. Mostly.  Even as it get's dark before I get home (maybe I work too late??).

I’ve planned: My Russian trip.  It's been a long time coming (in terms of booking - it's been about 6 months, in terms of dreaming, it's been more than 6 years)  and I'm excited.  I haven't done that much research so I don't really know what to expect.  But I will do some, and I'm excited.  Really really excited. 

I want to say to someone special:  cooo-eeeee?  anybody there??


Saturday, 2 October 2010

Open House London - my take

Hot tip: This is a long post by my standards.  But it is of what I consider an exceptional day out in London.  It's things like this that make me love this place so I hope you like it too.  Sorry if I send you to sleep with it!

September 18th and 19th was Open House London Weekend. Essentially, it means a lot of buildings (public, private and personal ones) are open to the public. Some require booking in advance, some tickets are balloted and some are just walk up. All are free.

Knowing I wanted to take part but not knowing where to start, I was left wondering the streets of the City of London, guided by an iPhone app telling me what was near etc. It was a wonderful day of rambling and I’m really pleased with what I saw (I didn’t head out again on the Sunday, instead doing other things)

In all, I took in five buildings; Leadenhall Markets, the Lloyds Building, Royal Courts of Justice, Daily Express building and the Maughan Library at Kings College.These buildings provided a real mix of architecture, age and purpose but I really enjoyed them all. Favourite building was the Lloyd’s Building whilst favourite experience was the Royal Courts of Justice.

Starting with the Leadenhall markets, here is what I saw:


There have been markets on this site since the fourteenth century, but these buildings are from the late nineteenth century.

Next up, and purely by chance, was the Lloyds Building. It’s a bit divisive as it’s a modern, semi unfinished looking building in my mind. Very different to many in its surrounds, but after going in, I really liked it. The market and 11th floors were open. Whilst the majority of the building is very modern, there were touches of old school as well. The bell is now purely ceremonial. Favourite parts include; the exposed escalators (reminds me of mechano, or maybe mechano reminds me of exposed escalators?), the glass exterior lifts, the views over London and the banquet hall. The banquet room is in a sandstone sub building on the 11th floor, and old school sanctuary of its own. Chandeliers, pretty silverware and tiffany blue on the ceiling, as if I wasn’t going to like it!!


Next in line was the former Daily Express offices at 120 Fleet Street.  All the papers have moved on from Fleet Street now but this building retains its flamboyant foyer and facade.  Sadly I didn't get a pic of the oustide (I should have, it is really impressive) but I did get a few shots inside.  I especially liked the silver sunburst ceiling and the black, blue and green floor.  And who doesn't want a snake handrail?  (Me, actually).


The penultimate destination was the Royal Courts of Justice.  This was a great experience but my pics are limited (there are some areas you aren't allowed to snap in).  From the grand exterior and main chamber, to the ornate and historic court rooms to the grim holding cells down below.  In addition to this, they had prisoner transport vehicles on site for you to test out for size (not comfortable, at all, and I'm ok with that).


And last but not least, the Maughan Library at Kings College.  A library of sorts has stood here for centuries and whilst it is now a college library, it was formerly the Public Records Office and the Rolls Chapel so it's held some seriously important documents in its time.  The standout part of this library is certainly the Round Reading room which my pics just don't capture.  You may recognise it from the Da Vinci Code.  The more understated parts I liked included seeing the original shelving (slate) sill in use, and that the walls are about a foot thick etc.  It was a really good way to round out the day and I'm glad I doubled back a few hundred yards for it.


Whilst not operating under the same banner as Open House London, I know Melbourne runs a similar program about once a year.  Does your home town?  Have you been along?

Friday, 1 October 2010

Some random

Long long work days this week brings on an almost allergic like reaction to turning on my laptop at home.  It's a shame though, as I'd much rather spend an hour on that, than 14 hours on the work one.  But, you know, I need to work hard to keep myself how I liked to be kept.

So, if long work days aren't enough colleague time, we've got a work bolwing event tonight.  Should be good fun.  I'm a terrible bowler, but  I always keep thinking my next one might just be a strike so I'm looking forward to it.  My team's name is The Bowl Movements.  Yup, we're an incredibly mature bunch of nerds are we.  As it is straight after work, I'll won't really be getting changed, so I've co-ordinated my jewellery with the shoes I'm likely to be wearing.   You like?  I'll try and get a pic but I tend to be quite camera shy around the colleagues.

28 January 2010

in going into my flickr, I remembered these two pics from two weekends ago

IMG_2144 IMG_2169

I loved that weekend.  Those Brownies are Flour Power Brownies from Borough Market (where I go to get my coffee).  The stack is about half as big (maybe less) than it would have started out.  That chandelier was part of the stunning banquet room in the Lloyds Insurance Building.  I will come back to talk about this building though - it's too good not to and was the highlight of Open House London for me. 

In other randomness - I had my first full body massage yesterday.  There was a special on at the spa at work so I got it for 50% which was great. I really enjoyed it at the time but have a bit of a stiff neck now.  Less great.  Still, the idea of pampering appeals.  This afternoon I'm just going to sit in the spa for a bit then have a sauna.  You know, get limber before bowling.  (Yep, I work long hours but there can be down time during them whilst my computer does it's thing etc).

And final randomness for today - I have second Saturday Champagne breakfast in a row this weekend.  Awesome.  Good old Collingwood and St Kilda drawing the Aussie Rules Grandfinal the other day means a replay, and a repeat.  Excellente.

What's going on in your life?  Do tell...the more random or important to you, the better.